The non-profit’s purposes for which the Teller County Film Commission is formed are:

  • Your first stop for resources within Teller County that serve the film, television, commercial, animation, visual effects and video production
  • To assist with obtaining permits
  • Library of still images and b-roll
  • Location opportunities for filming
  • Site tours
  • Professional crew and production services referrals
  • Talent services
  • Local information and contacts/introductions
  • Sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote filming in Teller County, i.e. an annual film festival
  • To operate exclusively for the professional businesses with current business permits and offices within the county
  • Provide statewide resources & incentive Information
  • Education & networking

EIN Number: 



The Teller County Film Commission has volunteer members that serve on the Teller County Film Commission board as Directors.

David Perkins
Financial Consultant
E: David.Perkins@psbtrust.com

Michelle Perkins
MP3 Events and Woodland Park Actors Guild
E: MP3Events@gmail.com or WPActorsGuild@gmail.com

Dennis Zerull
E: dr.zerull@gmail.com

The officers of the Commission, also serving as board members include:

Executive Director:

Doug Hetzler
Cell: 925-785-4666
E: doug_hetzler@comcast.net

Chief of Operations, Open

Secretary/Treasurer, Open


If you are interested in volunteering to assist the TCFC with activities, projects and more please let us know.  

Click here to fill out the Teller County Film Commission Volunteer Form


There is no general membership opportunities at this time.  However, tiered member levels to the Teller County Film Commission with annual fees is being considered.  This section will be updated with details.

Mailing Address

Teller County Film Commission, PO Box 324, Woodland Park, CO 80866