Choose Teller County as your pick for filming.  You will discover a world of excellent outdoor and indoor set designs.  Next to Pikes Peak, America’s Mountain, there is no better place in the Rocky Mountains. 


Why Film Here?

1) Our Elevation sets us apart, between 8,500 and 10,000 ft…. we’re above the clouds where we get (x) amount of sunshine days and great mountain air is plentiful
2) We have practically all of the amenities a production needs, from rentals, to catering, to numerous breathtaking locations
3) Businesses that will work with you AND your budget
4)Historic mountain log homes and ranches, to modern multi million dollar estates, from gold mines to casinos as well as state of the art schools
5)Lakes, rivers and natural resources abound
6)Some of the best off-road atv trails in the state
7)Easy access to a main city center, Colorado Springs only 18 miles away… And a terrific airport  that can can get you and our crew in and out without the hassle of dealing with Denver International
8)An eager local talent base that can fill out your casting needs
9) Great accomodations for cast and crew, from upscale rentals to rustic mountain lodgings
10) If it’s a script that requires present day settings or one that is in need of authentic 100+year old surroundings…
You can find it AND do it…In Teller County

Every production is an exciting endeavour… why not make it  here…in Teller County